Coaching with Rapport, LLC


getting to the heart of what’s most important as a pathway to change


Coaching for Parents, Guardians, and Caretakers

  • to communicate effectively with school personnel  
  • to feel more confident in their parenting skills
  • to make intentional parenting decisions rather than reactive ones 
  • to understand and support the changing needs of their developing children 
  • to embrace the unique challenge of raising children with special needs 
  • to manage changing family circumstances (separation, divorce, illness, death, blended families) 
  • to gain clarity about their vision for their family
  • to redefine roles as children transition to adulthood

Coaching for Educators, Administrators, and Professionals​

  • ​to increase their capacity to manage the expectations of the system 
  • to maintain strong relationships that contribute to their success 
  • to strengthen leadership competencies and confidence 
  • to deepen interpersonal competencies with individuals, teams, and the organization 
  • to explore strengths and areas for personal and professional development 
  • to examine stakeholder feedback as information for personal/leadership development
  • to manage and balance their personal and professional lives 
  • to transition into new positions, including the transition to retirement

Individual coaching focuses on discovery, awareness, and choice.

Clients become empowered to find their own answers as they are encouraged, supported, and challenged into action by the coach. The coaching process invites profound shifts which directly impact quality of life, whether professional, personal, or both.

Individual Coaching 

Work one-on-one to accomplish a specific goal or address a challenging situation.